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The Art of Demanding

The Art of Demanding

Jul 08, 2019

"The world is sick, quit trying to be the remedy."
~ Ishan Sheth

The world we live in today, has a sickness imbibed in it be it direct or indirect form. Everybody is looking for something with a hidden agenda - be it their relationships, friendships or careers, making the things around highly toxic and in turn turning people scarily cautious about your real intentions for any given act. Adding to which, the advent of technology has made the sickness spread like an uncontrollable wild fire by providing means of cross verification to and endless extent.

Everything you say or do is monitored and can be held against you when deemed necessary. In personal lives - with whom and where you interact with, whereas what and when you do with the tasks assigned to you at work. The means of fact checking are endless and your peers be it managers or your partners in life have been a part of this world long enough to be aware of the ways in which they can validate your actions.


Despite of the state of the human sphere around us, building a bond of trust is what it takes to make your place to be held in high regard in the eyes of any other person, irrespective of whether you have known them before hand or not. The only way to achieve this is by blunt truth. People have been fed up with the bullshit they have been and are going through. The world still honors honesty with the highest respect. Just by laying out your actual intent truthfully takes it a long way in building a strong bond. Once your intent is validated after your initial request, you gain the right to ask authoritatively from the other person and in most of the cases, even if you ask for something that is not going to be approved otherwise - is approved just for you for the sake of you being blatantly honest. This authority holds true until you remain fully truthful about your intentions and are willing to put in the same effort the other person puts in for you.

This is how you build bonds and once you are in a mesh of strong bonds around you. You are a node in a deep belif network and requests start flowing from one node to other based on the weight on the bond between the nodes from where the request has to pass disguised in terms of a demand. Once you get a hang of it, you know you have mastered the art of demanding.

People generally start with something sorts of an introduction or on a postive note for their starter blog post, I prefer something more realistic.

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